Quran Application to Read With Capable Font and Reading Mode

Quran Android is an application which allows users to access this important document while out and about. It can be an excellent remote teaching tool while it is just as useful when reciting prayers while away from a physical copy of the book. Unlike similar software packages, this bundle is absolutely free to download and install.

Main Functions and Applications

Quran Android provides immediate access to all areas within this document. Users can tag, bookmark and share specific passages in the event that they wish to send them to friends or to store them for later research. Not only can the written text be accessed with the click of a button, but a handy audio playback feature will likewise be able to recite verses. This audio capability can be preset to repeat certain phrases when applicable. Please note that this application is able to translate the Quran into more than 20 different languages.

Additional Features

Quran Android comes equipped with a night mode so that the text will be clearly displayed during low-light situations. Built-in search features enable users to encounter specific segments of text by entering a word or phrase into the appropriate field. As this program is constantly being improved, other unique options and features will likely become available in the near future.

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