What is the Minimum Requirement to Get Google AdSense Approval?

google adsense approval simple way and more traffic  and requirements of ads

There have much more requirement to get Google AdSense approval, even the basic factor is sharpening contents in the particular subject with high volume of traffic, there have 3 type of website get paid more such blogs, forum and online tools and over all responsible for the terms of AdSense policies.

Here some of Tools Help You to Get Google AdSense Approval

  • Make sure the Contents, themes, arrangements responsible to google AdSense and make sure don’t have AdSense prohibited contents.

  • Publish 30-40 Articles with relevant, sharpen contents and particular topic, or 15+ article in SEO and related topics. The plagiarism is not allowed even the content spin or reveres and also images and videos without ownership. The articles have at least 400 and above word and well garb with headings and description 

  • Must have Navigation like Home, About us Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Sitemap, Subscribe and Contact us and fill out with authentic contents

  • You need to submit on google webmaster tool and console and add sitemap, connect to analytics and Gmail. optimize blog post with meta tags and search engine pleasant

  • Good theme and arrangement is main factor, and mobile view responsible. the white background and black and ashes for words are more suitable and get attracted by visitors.

  • Create external links such Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and more

  • 6 months old for your website and custom domain help you to get fast.

  • The website mush has visitors and updated and engaged and interesting topics.

  • The descriptions, categories or niche locations, author detail and time and date are one of the main factor of get approval fast. The categories must be relevant and well suit to content and heading. Images, internal links and external links help you to get fast. The website structure needs to be very user-friendly.

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