How Can View Deleted Messages and Status in WhatsApp Without Third-party Applications

How Can View Deleted Messages and Status in WhatsApp Without Third-party Applications

"can I view deleted message in whatsapp? It’s one of most asked question about whatsapp tricks and tips, there have two answer simply say Yes or NO. About No; no words and if yes, it is not a simple way and humble it means to need something without any hard. You need to install GBwhatapp. Here the five steps to reach
Install GBwhatsapp, you can install here Download. There are also some third-party applications to recover deleted messages. GBwhatsapp is not available in the Playstore with copyright issues so, you need to reach other App store.
Register with your whatsapp Number. No fear, your chats and groups will recover it means GBwhatsapp also using the whatsapp server
Go to GBwhatsapp setting, on the GBwhatsapp have two setting, normal and GBwhatsapp setting, here special and other stunning features of GBwhatsapp for you
Go the anti-delete option and enable it, by enabling the anti-delete option you can view the deleted message group and contact message.

Anti-Delete (Whatsapp status)

Go to setting and enable it, then you can adopt it deleted status of your contacts and Gbwhatsapp also allow to download the status directly without any third-party applications and websites or from whatsapp .status (starting with dot the file name means hide file) file.

Hide Bluetick without hide to us

Everyone can hide the double blue tick in the whatsapp by disable the read receipt in the setting, but you also unavailable for read receipt of others and cannot know is it reached or red. Here the GBwhastapp aslo have the features to hide the double blue tick with hide to us and can only see the blue tick after reply to them.

Hide recording, Typing

On whatsapp can view who is typing or recording in the group, but GBwhatsapp also allow to hide recording, typing signal in group and personal chats it can also available as custom and general and simply hide our recoding and typing.
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