Tangi; Google’s New Short Video App

The creators and DIY (Do It Yourself), here the new one for you, Tangi quick video app and running in both android and iOS. Tangi is the social and creative video sharing app and you can also take to capture and videocassette as it you expired at TikTok. Tangi is one of the Area 120 product by Google and also it ready to android 5.0 and above.
The Tangi shares and feeds are the creative, inventive and artistic, style skills and chic with 60 second snaps and innovates and mainly focused on crafting, painting, cooking, fashion, beauty, life style, cosmetic and etc.
The Tangi was the inspirations by homed base watches more in the online video platform such YouTube and more. The Tangi fetch more 45 second video as it many YouTube videos tips and catch gen only on the last part and it more on 45 seconds to 80 seconds only. On the latest version of WhatsApp, declined their status time to 15, it means that everyone has to short and make more with short time. Tangi initially available on the desktop version and iOS and now extend to android also. 

Tangi founder Coco Mao says that we have the responsibility to ensure the Tangi platform share people more honeys and helpful snaps, learn well and creative content. The users have the occasion and break to recreate the snaps and tried out with Tangi and share it to all, it may be sound supportive to make massive fans, he added.
Tangi is available at Play store, iOS app store and web also there. The app is a free download, is free from ads.
The success of TikTok by the short video and recreation, there much more apps ready to start such that like Reels in Instagram and Lasso by Facebook, Byte by Vine founder Dom Hofmann now google with Tangi.