How to Know Unsafe Website or Safe Browse?

There are millions of website, as it running with high quality assured, but across them also unsafe and container of malware sites that steal you and your sensitive and non-sensitive information with your activities such like download apps or software, or visit the website as well, or enable the notification and other activates in the website. Here, we explain about some websites that help you to make safe browsing and can check “is my website SEO friendly or not”. Here, some authenticated and safe website to check the safe browsing, is it safe or not.

Google Safe Browsing 

Google safe browsing one of the best online tool to check out the unsafe sites, malware sites and it assist the visitors by notify the warm and harm of website if there anything. And gives the transparency report about the website such how it running, is there anything to steal or harmful to device. By the Google Transparency Report; google show the warming and threats details to users if there anything. By the Google reports; can make good future with safe sites and it would be providing the encourage to build up only safe sites as it completely free to use and check the site status. Google says, we committed to encourage progress towards as secure browse and free from unsafe and harmful sites.

How Google Transparency Report Works

Google Transparency Report works as it good one and examines the billions of URL and applications or software as it good one or harmful to users. On the browser, Google blocking or push notification if the sites are running with unsafe authority, activity, content, or steal the personal information. There are thousands of harmful or unsafe sites every day. Mainly there are two type of unsafe or harmful site

Steal Privacy and Personal Information (Phishing)

There are thousands of new phishing website every day, these type of website steal your sensitive and non-sensitive information or others private information such ways sign up, contact us, link on content, comment on post or page. The bank details to get free access or not, and for online shopping by website and applications also there running well for phishing. Anyway there have some tricks to join or register in website and mostly they use dummy of other official website like PayPal, Paytm, Amazon or online shopping website as well.

What is Phishing 

The meaning of phishing is steal the privacy or sensitive or non-sensitive information of person through the internet by using bad ways. Phishing mainly opens thorough the email and website and the website the dummy of others trusted companies that helps to fool the users soon and people ready to register on the website. Typically, the fake websites or accounts have a trick and fraud impression to provide the username and password through the fake website. For example; you will get a happy news like you are lucky with 1 lakh to your PayPal account with a link to fake site and it looks like original and trusted PayPal website. As like you may receive an email such link pushing to provide bank detail or included the website link by offering huge amount freely. So be careful about such website and make sure on the safe browsing website. There are more trusted sites to check the unsafe sites.
If you feel as it phishing one and spoofed site, check out these 
Check the URL:  If you got a web address as fake, then take to safe sites checker. It shall help you. If you well known a trusted company website such, then you got the offer from amazon with undefined web link, take simply to basket.
Read reviews: As you feel on Google Play Store, the application reviews that helps to know about the application such like there many online platforms for reviews on websites and more.
Check owner and location: There have may platform to check the owner of website, created date, end date and also location, office of company and full details of website.
Check website logo:  we are fine about amazon’s logo, if you got any offer with amazon shopping; can check and ensure the logo is same, is it form official site of amazon.

Harmful Virus and Malware 

Such like phishing; Malware is the trapping and harmful one for all, not only our privacy but our files, documents and more. These types of website offering free applications, software and more freely. By downloading such software, they take the full control of our device.
On the internet, there are much more dummy or mod applications available freely like KineMaster with full features, as it one of paid application.  Downloading such file legally prohibited and it may be contained much more viruses, worms and more. As like, cracked Filmora or Microsoft Office files are available for free form third party sites, by downloading such software that includes many of harmful codes and files to cheat you and steal your personal details, sometime files, documents. Such like cracked files relief to steal or control your machine, and attack your device. Most of malware includes spyware, viruses, ransomware, worms, and Trojan horses.

Compromised Sites

These types of websites are redirecting or directing to hacking websites or unsafe websites. The Google Transparency Report also show such sites and push the notifications to users. For example, one of the safe websites including some codes that redirecting to hack sites, google give notification on site. Commonly porn sites are included compromised sites or codes and redirecting to hack sites.
There are many sites in the same industry to check safe and unsafe websites. Here we must ensure and select authenticated and well performing sites only to check out the safe sites. Because of some website also running to show the hack sites as like worthy one and safe with cooperation of them. The well performing website comfort to make well all instead of others, they might not the capacity to find out strong code and hackers robust ideas and trickeries. Be careful and make safe browse.