How to Use Custom Permalink on blogger

Techtunity Blogger Permalink URL set up new and old posts how to make blogger set up with new link

Yes, here we discussing the blogger feature that helping more SEO friendly and make accuracies reach and search engine ranking over the automatic URL reach. It is most useful one when you done something on your language, means over the English, to do manually on custom link and can change the automatic URL to custom as you wish. For example, our blog is running in mother tongue language Malayalam, on way our blog post URL set automatically with members or something that unusual. So, with a custom permalink can change the Post URL address and link and making as we wish as it’s a SEO friendly.

Why We Need a Custom Permalink

In cases, when our blog is running other than English such Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, then our automated URL of our post go on as number and something, and such case cannot make SEO friendly and also cannot rank in search engine. So, we need to set up its SEO and friendly to engine to rank our post and to reach to more visitor, here we need to set up a custom permalink and make it as one of well suit to our post content, keyword and heading.

We can also use for English is it not friendly to SEO or change to we wish.

Just like -to-make-link-SEO-friendly.html -scustom-permalink.html

Both are in English title and first one is automated link and second one custom permalink that can make manual typing as it well one for SEO friendly.

But there a is unchangeable one as it a special one to blogger that date such like (08/2020) of in URL and can not to remove even it on custom URL.

Now, we are going to step by step guidance to set up permalink custom URL for Blogger Blog post and page.

Techtunity Blogger Permalink URL set up new and old posts how to make blogger set up with new link

Go to create new post option and open it.

When you reach at last step like completed adding texts, heading, images, backlink set up and etc.

Go to right sidebar of post page, there, label set up, posting date set (schedule post also available) then Permalink, location, search description if you already added and more.

On the permalink, can find as set up with automatic URL and an option to change custom URL, and select it.

Then type with custom URL what you wish and ensure its SEO friendly. Now the custom URL is ready then publish it.

Yes, it ready, but if you already posted or you wish to change the URL of already added post, what we can do next.

You need to revert post to draft then you can edit the permalink as well and update the post.

All over the selection of the permalink, something to do and notice that, there is some limitation the selection custom permalink such like only characters a to z and A to Z allowed the capital and small letters are count as separate. 0 to 9 numbers and the only special character underscore (_), dash (-), and periods are allowed.

Here some example for different permalink that look like as same

  1. How-to-make-posts-SEO-friendly
  2. how-to-make-posts-seo-friendly
  4. How-To-Make-Posts-SEO-Friendly
  5. hOW-tO-mAKE-pOSTS-seo-fRIENDLY
  7. How-to_make-posts_SEO-friendly

These all permalinks are difference with upper and lower case using and numbers and special characters.

Note that, before you using the numbers, special characters and upper cases are SEO friendly and reachable, some case special character cannot make well influence in the links, lower case as well.