WhatsApp Hacks: Somethings to Do

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WhatsApp one of the reached well organized and liked messaging platform and largest social network by the social enormous Facebook. Here some point about the safety of your privacy on WhatsApp, something to keep and make sure and keep on daily private and secrets. Here we share some thoughts and some of security issue related matters and shapes to keep and be alert before you continue. Some of them also you may have or already set up.

What is a security hack? In short, it’s a challenge to explore the weaknesses and security limitations in the online or digitals services usually in the applications, websites, networks. It also effecting to hard and soft functions. Here we are share some tips; you may help or suggestions to keep your security and privacy.

Can I Secure My WhatsApp?

The security and secure on an application or any online and digital products or process is a decisive and critical. It is very risky when about the applications, because, you may not aware about common dodges, scams or cheats such virus, malware, file tracking and spyware also, some of them are job, money, sex or any orientations scams conducts there. But something to keep and, make an asset to get notified such like turn on security notification in setting; WhatsApp, which transform some hint or make alert if any. Two-step verification; is a respectable system to preserve somewhat hand-picked with 6 digits and never share the codes to someone, is more conceptacle technique to keep some confines. Make more private; disable the cloud back up, the password for device and special for WhatsApp with pin, facial and fingerprint is more concern. Try to avoid the unknow personal messages groups, admin only for your groups. Never share your financial details like bank details with pin numbers and etc to anyone even if you well known or not, that may be recovered or help to find more hints and about you to strangers.

Can someone read my delete for everyone messages?

On way Yes; Can read delete for everyone message by receiver or group message. When a WhatsApper delivered a message form someone, he can read it if the sender deleted as deleted for every one by third party apps, GBWhatsApp and much more ways like mining by hackers and backup by hackers as well. There much more third-party applications available even Play Store with nice argument WhatsApper is deleted by the unawareness condition, if risky condition; he never send it. It helps such persons to restore.

On the simple word that; WhatsApp messages are stored even it deleted by deleted everyone and same message also deleted by message deliver. So, here only disappear on your action delete for everyone, and permanently deleting in the WhatsApp or digital field is a hard one.

 Here only one advice that you never share any risky content or unsafe, just think before send something to someone, it all available for to be recovered by even forensic then hackers. This also included all data even your calls and more.

Secure of WhatsApp

The end to end encryption helps more for secure and privacy, and according to hackers such theme so difficulty. The end to end encryption making WhatsApp more secure over the other apps. But never truest 100% any digital platform; every online platform can access entered data if and running your account on the basis your data that you recoded.

Hacking stories is true?

Yes, it is true stories that several time WhatsApp are hacked and scammed and it also on well-known person like politician, technicians and more. Son be careful, and avoid risky contents and sharing in any platform because WhatsApp also giving the experience to users with end to end encryption and security.

What we can do next?

What we can do next on WhatsApp for security, is one of the exiting questions that WhatsApp is upmost and we reached messenger and their secure and security most valuable one and giving experience of most advanced level; end to end encryption. Here only something to do or avoid any digital and online services because every online platforms are running on basis of data that stored and collected and it is saving  and keep in high security, unfortunately some hackers are very strong so, keep as we can do such turn on security alert and two step verification and more in security filed. It is not only on WhatApp but every application, digital or online fields are running such way. So, keep everything, and never share details or data only in unsafe website and portals.