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About Company

Name: Techtunity Tech & More

Type of Company: Private


Industry: Media and News

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala

Specialties: Article, News, Photo journal, How to, Blogging, SEO

Techtunity is a platform for latest tech updates and articles well related to SEO, Trending, Make Money Online, Online Education, Technology and More. Techtunity also provides tech news on time with accuracy and performance. Techtunity trying to make well aware people technology as it daily life connected to technology. We are fast and feat technology and making updates in every filed, more in Blogger, Wordpress, SEO, Tips and Tricks, Trending in tech and life hacks and more.

Techtunity is one of the online platforms sharing new thoughts and ideas, mostly get up to technology and our daily life. Day by day our life getting into online such as shopping, order food, works and some of them, career also. Here the tech information and acquaintance are most significant one to make much development for future days. So, the Techtunity gives the virtuous update and guidelines to keep up our online or day life.

Our teams are well-expert and more experience in the field of technology and also technology writing as it 10 plus year experience, in the printed technology journal and online platform and development as well. 

Owned by DigioX The digital creator and a digital creative offering display projects, CMS, E-commerce, Web design, Graphic design, Digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Video editing, Content writing and more. DigioX is a  privatly held company, established in 2017.

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